Our Services:


Constant Keg Availability

 30 Liter Keg in limitless amounts constantly in stock available Also other commonly new and used Keg Standards 10/20/30/50 Liter in stock, delivery „on-call“ within 10 days. Even within your “peak season”!

   Lifetime Keg Warranty

You get lifetime warranty for Kegs purchased from MyKegs.de with assumption of periodic inspection/servicing by MyKegs.de each 5 years.


New for Old. Part-Exchange of Old Keg Stock Levels for attractive Conditions. 

You buy NEW or used refurbished Kegs from MyKegs.de, we take your Old Kegs in part-exchange. You pay only the difference.

*Keg-Leasing up from 0,72 Euro per KEG per Mon


You have an opportunity to lease new or used kegs from MyKegs.de, leasing period from 12 to 72 months, so that you free your budget capacities and are able to provide other current necessary purchases despite of kegs.


**Keg-Rental up from 1,60 Euro/Keg per Month.t

Also you can rent the kegs from MyKegs.de for minimum rental period of 10 months and minimum rental keg amount one truck.


„Pay for Fill“ – short-term Keg Supply "on-call" incl. freight to and from the customer.

With MyKegs.de you have a great opportunity also to cover your short-term keg demands even during the “peak season” only for 8 Euro per Keg for 30 days incl. freight to and from customer within Germany, other countries on request.

We buy your used Kegs any time for fair conditions.

We buy your used Kegs and free your warehouse capacities and provide you with the opportunity of new purchases.


KEG Service (Service Production Capacity up to 1.000 Kegs per day) and Mobile Keg-Service

The professional service and consulting from MyKegs.de is the way for an almost unlimited lifetime of your kegs. Defected kegs are staying unused around, can be awaked by our services to a new life.Beside the standard operations (repair of dent top and bottom chimes … ) and extractor-tube-service (repair and change) we offer all performances, which let your kegs running. Inscriptions, color bands, labels, banderoles, transponders, neck conversion (thread less necks to 2“-14TPI necks) and all other up to date market-requirements rounds up our offer.


HOTLINE: +49 (0) 6145 344 144 0


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Telefon: +49 (0) 6145 344 144 0
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Mail: info@vp-trading.de


Sie erreichen uns unter der Telefonnummer:

+49 (0) 6145 344 144 0

 oder via info@vp-trading.de.

Wenn Sie Bierfässer, Zubehör oder eine Bierzapfanlage kaufen möchten, freuen wir uns auf Ihre Kontaktaufnahme.